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Three Things Your Employees Need From You

posted Oct 14, 2013, 6:03 AM by Lisa Shelley   [ updated Oct 14, 2013, 7:07 AM ]

If you want employees who are passionate and focused on helping your business succeed - and who doesn’t? There are just three things you need to do. 

1.    Respect them.  Do your employees feel like valued and respected members of the team?  All of them?  Do they feel like their voice and contribution are important and appreciated? Do they feel like you trust them and believe in their ability?

2.    Empower them. Do your employees have access to the tools, training and information they need to effectively do their jobs? Do they understand how their work contributes to the success of the business? Are they able to leverage their strengths? Do they go home each day feeling like they made an impact?

3.    Inspire them.  Are your employees inspired by your business?  Are they passionate about your purpose, your customers, and your products? Do they have daily opportunities to be reminded of them? Are they proud to be a part of your business? 

Why these three things? Because they support your employee’s basic motivational needs of belonging, achieving and meaning.  Supporting these three things frees your employees to focus their energy on helping your business succeed, rather than struggling to earn your respect, to get things done or to find inspiration. Doing just these three things allows you to accomplish the primary objective of leadership – the alignment of your employee’s interest, motivation and action with the success of your business – engagement.

Sustainable employee engagement requires a culture that integrates and amplifies these three things into the way your business operates.  Consider the elements of your organizational culture…

      • Values/Purpose/Mission
      • Leadership behavior
      • Communications
      • Performance management processes
      • Your facilities

How does each of these support your employees’ need to feel respected, empowered and inspired?  Or not?  How could they?

Your employees want to leverage their strengths to make a valued impact on something they believe in… I think we all do.  What do you think?

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Author:  Lisa Shelley
Photo Credit:  Tony Fischer