Essentia helps companies shift their culture to align and engage their employees in support of their business strategy.  

Highly engaged employees are more productive, have higher satisfaction and return sustainable business results.  Employees amplify your business culture to all of your business stakeholders, ultimately affecting Customers, Suppliers and Investors.  Highly engaged and motivated employees are the best means to align and engage all of your business stakeholders around the success of your business!

How Motivational is Your Culture?

Employee Engagement and Motivational Culture Assessment

Our assessment helps you to understand how well your employees are engaged with your business, as well as how well your culture is supporting that engagement. We help you understand how motivational your leaders are, and how effective your critical processes of communications, performance management, learning and development and your work environment are at supporting employee motivation.

 Respect   Empower   Inspire 

Optimal engagement results when employees have the opportunity to leverage their strengths to make a valued impact on something they believe is important.

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Are your employees highly motivated to help your business succeed? 

Is the collective attention, energy and expertise of your workforce aligned with your business goals?

Are your employees passionate advocates of your business to your customers, partners and suppliers?

Does your culture provide an environment that supports your employees motivational needs?

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