Inspire, v.  To encourage by filling with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Inspiration is the driving force behind an enthusiastic and effective employee.  It is the 'why' that justifies putting forth the effort necessary to go from simply checking the box to changing the game.  People are inspired by many different things, however connection to a commonly held principle or ideal provides the type of inspiration that bonds an organization together;  gives an organization a unifying reason to rise above trivial difficulties and make wonderful things happen.  Does your business culture inspire your people?
Sources of Inspiration
  • Strong sense of Purpose
  • Celebrated history
  • Unique talents or strengths
  • Impactful products or services
  • Inspirational leaders
  • Interesting challenges
  • Talented co-workers
  • Stories of overcoming adversity
  • Opportunities to grow personally and professionally
  • Career opportunities
  • Financial incentives
Assess your Organization
  • Does your business have a clearly articulated Purpose; how your passions align with your strengths to serve a need in the world?
  • Do you provide opportunities to celebrate your business' unique talents, products and services?
  • Do your business communications lead with your purpose, and context all goals with your purpose, providing employees with a positive motivation to meet them?
  • Do you visibly celebrate the achievements of all employees?
  • Are your leaders inspirational, leveraging purpose, history and stories to motivate?