Essentia meets businesses where they are and provides services that range from Informing to Transforming.  Our focus is to awaken business to the opportunity that exists to tap into and empower the latent passion of their people.  This may be simply planting a seed through a speaking engagement, providing new tools to a team assigned to work on employee engagement, or partnering with a business to develop a plan to address their latest employee survey.  Please click on the icons to learn more.


Specialties and Tools
  • Holistic Organizational Effectiveness Model
  • Purpose Discovery
  • Systems Thinking Approach
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Enneagram Personality Assessment
  • Customized Interventions
  • The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge
  • Drive, Daniel Pink
  • Firms of Endearment, Sisodia, Wolfe and Sheth
  • It's Just Good Business, Jeff Klein
  • It's Not What You Sell, It's What You Stand For, Roy Spence
  • Peak, Chip Conley
  • Start with Why, Simon Sinek
  • The Seven Arts of Change, David Shaner