Are you pulling together a task force to develop an action plan in response to your latest employee survey?  Launching a new effort to look at organizational effectiveness?  Empower the team to make a real difference by providing them with new inspiration, tools and a sense of the importance of their efforts through participation in a workshop.

 Topics         Target Audience   Duration
 Building an Effective Organizational Strategy

 HR Staff, Task Force  1/2 day - 2 days
 Engagement Team Quick Start
Immersion experience for team of Leaders assigned to work on an Engagement task force. Participants will learn basic motivational theory, will be assisted in re-framing survey results to assess where gaps exist, and will draft an initial action plan
 Engagement Team or Task Force  1/2 day - 1 day
 Leading for Engagement
Provides Leaders the skills necessary to Understand, Assess, and Transform the motivational characteristics of their organizational culture.
 Managers  1/2 day - 2 days

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