Consulting Services

In many cases the limiting factor affecting the effectiveness of an organizational effort is the availability of a capable leader with the available bandwidth to devote to the effort. Effective and sustainable culture change requires a committed and inspired CEO, a supportive Exec Team, a capable team representing a cross-section of the organization, and most importantly a dedicated team leader with access to and influence on the CEO and Exec Team.

On a limited basis, we will partner with clients to co-facilitate the creation of an organizational effectiveness plan for their business.  We are very selective regarding these type of engagements and require a significant commitment before engaging.

What we Require:
  • The initiative must be CEO sponsored with full Exec Team and HR support.
  • There must be a dedicated internal project leader who has full support from their immediate manager.
  • There must be an assigned cross-funtional team representative of the organization.
  • The effort must be kicked off with the full team attending a 2 day immersion workshop.
What we Provide:
  • 2 day Immersion workshop
  • Co-facilitation of effort with internal Project Leader
  • Access to tools and resources to assist with:  Opportunity Identification, Solution Development, Solution Implementation
  • Objective thinking from an impartial viewpoint
If you are interested in discussing the possibility of working with a consultant to facilitate your effort, please contact us: