A business is a system of people.

Your people are the essence of your organization.  They are a critical investment and are the engine of any business model.  Businesses that create an intentional culture that Respects, Empowers, and Inspires their employees are rewarded with productivity, commitment and loyalty.  These employees energize all of your stakeholders:  investors, customers, partners, suppliers and communities.  They are your biggest potential brand advocate.  Uninspired, dis-engaged employees could be your biggest liability.  What is your latest employee survey telling you?

Intrinsic Motivation

Organizational excellence is what results when the employees' intrinsic motivation is supported and aligned with the business objectives. 

Many traditional leadership approaches attempt to leverage external motivation to drive employee performance. These methods often result in a negative effect on motivation for the majority of the organization, and the motivation that does result is more aligned with an individual's personal success rather than the business success.

Effectively leading and motivating a group of people requires providing support for their social needs of belonging and success, while also providing a source of inspiration and meaning. It is under these conditions that employees can be intrinsically motivated and the most effective as per Maslow's Theory of Human Motivation.

Optimal engagement results when employees feel they are part of a team with shared values and have the opportunity to leverage their strengths to contribute to something they believe is important.  Does your business provide an environment that RespectsEmpowers, and Inspires your employees?

Organizational Excellence Requires All Three Elements